Leaping toward the light

San Agustinillo, Mexico
Leaping toward the light

You might think it’s a
fish jumping or a dolphin flirting
depending on its distance
when it catches your eye. 
And then, you realize it’s
something altogether different!
A ray at play in the salty sea,
leaping toward the light
somersaulting its joy
announcing pure delight,
awakened in a fresh new day. 

This is the last of three poems I wrote while in Mexico this year. I tried my darndest to get a photo of one of the rays jumping, but wasn’t able to get a shot in focus with my little Canon sure shot. You’ll have to imagine yourself looking at at this spot of sea and seeing little glittering things jumping out of the water and flipping, splashing and coming up to do it again – usually a few times. What fun to watch.

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