Last of the Summer Flowers

backyard dianthis
Last of the Summer Flowers

The dianthus –
her red and white spinning tops 
sparkle in the autumn sun
The feverfew –
her delicate daisy-like blossoms 
look at me with round yellow eyes
The Veronica –
her purple spikes, like sailors, 
stand tall and salute the sky
The lone lily blossom –
on her grassy mound in her tangerine delight 
enjoys the mid-day warmth

They make their final proclamation, 
not at all tired of the delicious brightness of summer.
So, it is with sadness that I cut their stalks
and carry them inside from the coming frost. 

Once indoors gathered together in a vase,
resting on the old oak coffee table 
next to the worn and weathered Spanish tile, 
the dianthus, feverfew, Veronica and lily, 
mingle like long lost friends
over a late afternoon lunch on a breezy afternoon. 
Their conversation is lively as the 
frozen and withered hosta leaves 
outside the window speak of their blessing. 

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