silent celebration


Silent Celebration
by Danna Faulds

A catbird tries to fly
against the wind only
to be blown backward.
I know that feeling –
setting out with certainty
and arriving somewhere
entirely different. When
I respond with acceptance
to my unexpected
destination, the sun
clangs its cymbals of
light in silent celebration.

Danna Faulds is one of my favorite poets. I was delighted when I came upon another one that I had not seen – on Find Your Middle Ground, a blog I follow for its inspiration and affirming energy.  This poem resonates for me right now because I am practicing greater acceptance of what is, trying to let go of my expectations about the way things are supposed to be. I’ve noticed my expectations about my behavior, others’ behavior, what needs to get done, what is possible or true…Anytime I can respond with acceptance when things don’t turn out as I had intended or expected, indeed, it is cause for celebration.

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* I took this photo of a flower blossom on my honey suckle tree in the spring sunlight.

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