a song of escape

shoveling snow at home in Iowa
 a song of escape
 hat-covered heads and booted feet
 parka-wrapped people shoveling snow
 the neighborhood working in unison
 the panting of their breath visible song
 a song of escape
 a song with a tropical beat
 a song featuring heads under straw sombreros
 feet melting in soft sand
 the sun bathing half-naked bodies in light
 in warmth, wonderful heat,
 a song that becomes the sound of the sea
 gazes face the salty rocks
 out to where the whales while away the day
 to the straight line of the horizon
 miles away 

Another poem from what I’ve decided to call my Gathering at the Sea collection, written while on holiday in San Agustinillo, Mexico in January 2021. You can find other poems from my little collection previously posted here:


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Cold start

Lake Koronis July2019 (6)

Cold start

Today, the crispness of the air
reminds me of what comes from the north.
All strong and blustering,
the wind shakes the trees with their frigid gust
hinting at of the cold days of winter.
And, it’s only the 11th of October.


In the mid-west, you can feel it coming…


As they days get shorter and the blessed light shines less upon us, I can feel myself starting to turn inward, readying myself for a kind of hibernation. I used to resist it, but after 18 of these cold seasons in Iowa, I am leaning into it, almost relishing the quiet and solitude that will fuel my creative spirit in a way that’s different from the high energy of summer and the warm tones of fall.


* I took this photo of a pine tree in Koronis, Minnesota.