art of the universe

višnje – Cherrie at the Kotor Market in Montenegro
Art of the Universe

I bite into the berry pie, the straws, blues, and
rasps burst deliciously in my mouth. I sense
these living organisms giving me energy, like a 
gift because I cannot exist without these other 
beings to sustain me. I recall the “food chain” I 
learned in school, like a ladder with something, someone
powerful at the top. But, no, today it comes to me
as a circle, a wheel that goes round and we are all part 
of the art that’s being painted by the universe. 

May you feel the hug of the universe in the littlest of daily activities…

This poem is also part of a collection I put together called Little Morsels of Delight.

to try softer

Sicily Ortygia on Piazza Duomo

You have come so far.

It is now time to try softer.

It is now time to be willing to let all the power and energies of the universe work for you.

It is time for you to open…to be willing…to allow those energies to carry you to your next step.

It is time for joy.


This is from time for joy: daily affirmations  by Ruth Fishel. It really resonated with me. I love the phrase “to try softer”. I love the idea that life can be easy, inspiring, filled with love and JOY. I love the invitation here to open, to allow life to come. Instead of pushing and pulling and making life take the shape my mind creates, I can receive what the world brings to me.


* I took this photo in Ortygia (Syracusa), Sicily, Italy on Piazza Duomo.

Another step forward

MX17_ 375 - Copy.JPG

Another step forward

I feel it this morning
A magnetic pull
Toward the light
The universe turning me
Ever so gently
So the sun shines
Fully on me
Radiating energy
Awakening my joy
And inviting me:
Take another step forward

The first iteration of this poem came to me last week. It’s still rough – only on the 3rd iteration. Yet, I am inspired to share it with you today.

In my quiet time this morning, I feel the power of nature, of light. From a place of stillness, I feel this pull that shapes me. I see how this unseen energy can shape my mindset and lift me above any challenges I face.

May you feel the light and the call of nature to awaken to what’s possible today.


* I took this photo in San Agustinillo, Mexico.