melting together

Sunset Sintra Portugal

melting together

I long for

his heart

to open

like a gate

onto an open prairie

covered with wildflowers.


in that space

we can meet

and melt into each other

like the sun and sky

at sunset.


Just a simple love poem…


* I took this photo at sunset from our hotel room in Sintra, Portugal in 2013.

the light of the sun

Lake Koronis July2019 (2).JPG

From Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Compassion by Rolf Gates, Day 352

“The light of the sun is warm, gentle, and strong. A place for wounded hearts and withered spirits to find the strength they need to walk back into life. A place to remember picnics by the river and the way your heart leaps at the sight of flowers in bloom. The sun’s light is perfect for adventures with friends. In her presence we will take someone’s hand and they will take ours. In her warmth we will remember that we can begin now always. With her light on our face we will find our place among the grateful and our love will be true.”


Oh, the many abundantly delicious days of my life blessed with sunshine and all that goes with it! Indeed, there is something special about the sweetness of the sun’s light and how it touches and shapes our lives. I’m really tuning into her these days, as her hours upon us shrink into the seasons of fall and winter, and relishing each moment she graces me with her presence.


* I took this photo at Lake Koronis, Minnesota, USA.

the tenderness that wants to hold you


the tenderness that wants to hold you

Beneath the surface,
if you pay attention,
you can see
the light emanating.
Its only desire
to touch you.
Feel its warmth
like the sun upon your skin.
Fall into
the tenderness that wants to hold you.


Do you ever feel like there is something waiting for you, if you could only let go of what has its grip on you and surrender to what might be? I wrote this poem one morning as I connected with the power of something gentle and sweet to take care of me.


* I took this photo in my backyard of a columbine flower that had lost it’s outer petals to the wind.