sumptuous summer sunday

Soumenlinna, Helsink, Finland
sumptuous summer sunday

in the car
windows rolled down
warm air washing over us 
the dogs’ heads hanging out the windows
their noses twitching at the wind
on the way to the city park 
for our walk along the river 
in the summer sun 
on this sumptuous sunday, 
we catch all of the green lights 
and we ease into life’s flow 
our hearts smiling 
as we allow the world to support us. 

melting together

Corfu, Greece, from Hotel Levant, Pelekas
melting together

I long for
  his heart
    to open
      like a gate
        onto an open prairie
          covered with wildflowers. 
         we can meet
      and melt into each other
    like the sun and sky
 at dusk. 

Just a little love poem I wrote…

It’s also part of a collection I put together called All the Shapes of Joy.

Autumn’s Decoration, A Colorful Declaration

I was sitting on our deck yesterday morning, a gift of a fall day, nearly 60F at 10 am, not a cloud in the big blue sky, the sun casting a beautiful glow across the yard. I noticed that all of the hostas had crumpled, and that became an invitation to notice all there was to see and experience around me. The poem below came to me.

  Autumn’s Decoration, A Colorful Declaration
 The hostas have crumpled like a hot air balloon landed 
 and deflated. 
 The lime and yellow strands of the lily’s limbs are lying 
 down as if praying to a god in the east. 
 The leaves of the birch dapple the lawn in yellow polka dots spread
 like sprinkles on birthday cake. 
 The elm stands almost bare, with some determined leaves hanging
 like ornaments on someone’s holiday tree. 
 The neighbor’s oak stands glorious in the morning light,  
 mirroring the sun. 
 And, behold! 
 Among the plants quieting for winter in the flower bed, 
 a patch of iris is blossoming.  

This poem is part of an online collection I call Little Morsels of Delight.