rest here now

Rest Here Now 

Right where you are
With all of your discomfort and distraction
Watch what you feel come and go
Let go of the need to judge what arises
Simply wait beside like a kind friend 
Allow what you see 
Just let it be
Right where you are

I thought this was a nice sentiment with which to close out 2021. Happy New Year! May you find yourself being ever more present and alive as you step into a new year of possibility.

the gem of rest

piglets sleeping – Roy’s Glen, Scotland
the gem of rest

Rest before you’re tired

Eat before you're hungry

Drink before you're thirsty

Sage advice for the skier on the snowy slopes
so she stays strong and doesn’t slip and fall.

Otherwise, the eating thing, well, it makes 
me full and feel fat. 

And the drinking thing, just makes
me need to pee too many times a day – I get
tired of pulling my pants down and up again. 

The rest thing, now that’s truly a gem, like a 
piece of jade gently nourishing me. 

the bed of my being

snow on Pine Ridge Road
the bed of my being 

i feel the magic 
of the falling snow 
blanketing me 
into the bed of my being
where I rest
in the hushed world 

Sometimes when it’s hot out, it’s fun to fantasize about nature’s cooler days.