What She Sees

Ah, to age gracefully, what a gift that would be…

 What She Sees
 She gazes at the mirror, a fabric 
 of steam shrouds her view, 
 but there it is: the velvet 
 of her long black hair, the oval gemstone 
 of her face, the soft tapers 
 of her almond eyes, the wild sweet berries 
 of her cheeks, the wet red rose petals 
 of her lips.
 She’s 18
 her blood flows 
 in love with abandon to the sea…
 She’s 25
 her heart beats 
 a song she dances entwined in love…
 She’s 31
 her arms spread 
 wings of a just-bathed bird grabbing sunlight…
 She’s 47
 her wisdom wafts 
 the scent of apple pie cooling…
 She’s 59
 her passion pours 
 onto canvas in colors and shapes uniquely hers…
 She’s 68
 her life spreads 
 a buffet of nothing but blue sky…
 Still staring into the glass, her reflection 
 emerges through the lifting fog 
 of her hot bath, her eyes adjust 
 to the silver sparkle of her hair, the crow’s feet 
 at the edges of her eyes, the skin 
 near her chin weighed down by all that living. 
 And she smiles 
 embracing all the shapes of joy.  

This poem is part of an online collection I call All the Shapes of Joy.

a new beginning


A New Beginning

You stand at a point of departure –
a place from which to powerfully transform.

Choice offers itself to you.
Stay here?
Or, courageously step
in the direction of dreams?

What will be lost?
What will be gained?

From a still place within
intentions move to the surface.

Reflection invites clarity –
insight shapes inspired action.

You step into a new beginning.

Honestly, I don’t recall when I wrote this poem. I have had many new beginnings, big and ever so small. I see the opportunity to start anew every day, even multiple times on a given day. Each time I notice a negative thought and choose another narrative to carry with me, I open to something new.

These small every day beginnings come from years of making time to be still. Every day. Time to simply be with myself. Sometimes I do a little exploring – reading and journaling about what’s important to me and how I want to move through the world, for example. This time of reflection invites clarity – sometimes profound (for me, anyway ;]) and sometimes so simple. And from this grounded place of insight, I am able to be intentional about my path forward, to make choices that support inspired action.


* I took this photo at sunrise in San Agustinillo, Mexico.