Paint Pouring Pieces

I’ve taken to playing with paints lately and having lots of fun. I discovered something called ‘pouring paint’, which I’ve tried on a variety of media including tiles, terra cotta, leaves and paper.

I’ve also started working my way through a poetry workbook: How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal with Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination. Chapter 2 includes a prompt to think about a scene that brought joy and to describe it using imagery. Below is the resulting piece about the joy I’ve found in paint pouring.

She enters the cool cave of her studio
in the quiet hours of morning,
pulling back the curtains –
light pours in.
She stands at her craft table,
gazes at the empty field before her,
possibility pulsing and pumping. 
Oh! The rainbow!
She sorts through the bottles
sky or sun or lake,
or maybe geraniums?
She divides nature’s infinity
to a handful.
The canvas waits like a child
just before Mom gives
the go-ahead to jump into the pool.
She pours:
the Adriatic aqua of the sea in Croatia
raspberries, full and ripe
silvery birches.
Big puddles.
Dots and dabbles.
She gives these new friends time
to get to know each other.
Then she starts the music,
and they dance
in slow flowing steps.
They take up the space they’re given
waltzing to the edges.
Drip Drop Plop over the sides,
little psychedelic splashes –
like candy to decorate your daughter’s
birthday cake when she’s 7.
The sea-fruit-tree settles
and still, holding  
her energy, singing joy 
on the wings of her breath.