The Ocean

Fishing boat coming ashore, San Agustinillo, Mexico – Jan 2021
 The Ocean
 I. A lover

 She pulses under the little boats
 with their brown fishermen
 who know her like a lover
 sensing her moods
 content for her to kiss them
 with her abundance 
 II. A queen
 This queen reigns
 over vast lands, unconstrained,
 not to be contained,
 she spreads herself upon the shore
 saturating sand, soaking deep
 she throws herself over rocks
 splashes, transformed to salty mist,
 dissolving into air
 permeating everything
 III. A pool
 She sits like a pool
 on a hot summer day
 inviting you in
 to her stillness
 her soft wetness
 carries your weight
 and you rest on her soft body
 slumbering in her surety 

This is the second post to include poetry I wrote while on holiday last month in Mexico. (Go HERE if you missed the first.) I never tire of sitting in silence and watching the beautiful Pacific meet the coast in the sweet little town of San Agustinillo. This poem is part of an online collection I call Little Morsels of Delight.