get free

Guara blossoms on Lake Lugano with Monte San Salvatore in Switzerland

Get free

Get free of what blocks you. 

Get free by empowering yourself to share your truth – bare, basic, brutal honesty. 

Get free of your inhibitions and doubts and imposter ideas or second thoughts. 

Get free by letting what turns up percolate like coffee, deepening their color and flavor, their scent rising and inspiring.

Get free of structure, format, rules, protocols, what you think is correct or good or desirable. 

Get free by letting things be messy, striking things out, or not, squeezing things between words and ideas and along the margins and flowing onto the next page. 

Get free by opening to what’s deep within you, scratching to get to the surface, whatever that is in there yelling against the walls of your being that no one can hear, although they have their ears pressed there waiting. 

Get free by creating a safe space where you can roam like a rabbit whose squeezed through someone’s fence into a big flourishing garden. 

Get free by stepping outside of your comfort zone and onto the big carnival rides that take you high into the sky, offering new perspective, shaking you up, bringing you down.

Get free by seizing the real stuff, not the crap your mind tells you to release; no, nothing ordinary or customary or sedentary. 

Get free by letting go of what you think the world needs or what would be most helpful; no, push out the grimy, grubby, mucky and muddy stuff. 

Get free by giving birth to what might be dying inside of you.

This poem was inspired by an Anaphora poetry prompt, where you repeat a word or words at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, or lines to create a sonic effect. It’s also part of a collection I put together called All the Shapes of Joy.