All I Take

All I Take

All I take
I carry as bits of light, 
scattered within me, 
to hold at home,
memories, morsels of deliciousness: 

bird song dancing through the air
palm leaves feathering the breeze
water glittering to the blue sky
surf massaging the rocky earth
shells swimming to the shore
sun crawling from horizon to horizon
stars repeating age-old stories
moon reeling in waves like a fisherman
sea calming to a waveless pool

when we jumped in
letting go of
all we brought
inviting each moment
as a peaceful meditation

I wrote this poem in San Agustinillo Mexico earlier this year. As we move into fall and I anticipate what’s on the other side: winter, my mind and my heart escape to the warm sands and sea of Oaxaca.

A new chapter opens

Near Piazza Amerina Sicily Italy.JPG

A New Chapter Opens

The air is filled with the richness of possibility
A special kind of freedom stretches before you

May you be filled with hope about the experiences ahead
May you embrace the opportunities that walk into your path
May you move with grace as you dance with the unfamiliar
May you step confidently as you engage in new adventures
May you find wisdom in even the most unexpected places

Be awake and curious, open and unattached
Listen to your heart as it whispers your dreams

Know that you are enough, just as you are
Trust everything to unfold beautifully

Step boldly into a future that is uniquely yours
Intentionally create the memories which will write the story of your life


I wrote this poem for my husband when he retired in January. Today the words seemed so fitting when I replaced the “you”‘s with “I”‘s and “me”‘s. While I wrote these words for a special occasion, it seems like a little prayer that can be used any day – because we always have a chance to start anew – this moment, this day, this week, this month, this year – not just this milestone, to be intentional about what we want to create and about the choices we make and actions we take.


* I took this photo in Sicily, somewhere on our drive around Piazza Armerina. I picked it because it’s one of Jim’s favorite landscape shots from the trip.