Have you ever felt such a huge sense of relief that tears moved from deep inside you, as if they were the unnecessary worry and fear you’d been carrying around and could finally be rid of? I was trying not to let myself get too far out in front of reality, catching my thoughts playing out various scenarios and bringing my mind back to now, focusing on my breath moving in and out of my body.

Tuesday I had my annual mammogram. The hospital wanted me to come back for more images today. That’s what happened 9 years ago, when those additional images pointed me down a path that included a biopsy, lumpectomy, and mastectomy. So, quite naturally, my mind had some ideas about the possibilities. I’m delighted to say that today’s additional images showed that there is nothing but normal breast tissue! I cried with joy when the technician gave me the news. Ah, what a huge sense of relief.

I used to blog about my breast cancer journey over on Mostly My Heart Sings. Seems appropriate today to share a post from over there: Mammo.

I took this photo of a basket full of hand-made flower crowns being sold by a street vendor in Oaxaca City, Mexico.