lingering in his softness

Me and Tucker
lingering in his softness

we sat there
on the floor
our fingers 
in his softness
as life 
left him
with a long 
fogged with relief
from the frailty
of living

This poem was written to a prompt “One moment I will always remember is”. I set a timer and wrote for 5 minutes nonstop without judgement. Then added more physical details and imagery and built a poem about the day Jim and I put Tucker to sleep over 20 years ago. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

just me and you

early days, me and Jim and Tucker, Gulf Shores
Just Me and You

Our love
So true
Was new
Like morn-
ing dew
Just me 
And you

Wind blew
We flew
So high
Oh, my!
Us two 
Just me 
And you

We cry
We die
We give
We live
A long
ing song
Just me 
And you

I wrote this poem in response to a prompt in How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal with Prompts by Christopher Salerno and Kelsea Habecker in the chapter on the Rhythm and Meter, which invited me to  write a poem about someone important to me that mimics the rhythm of my heartbeat (thu-ump thu-ump).

Below are some bonus photos of us two together.

Farewell Gift

Heart shape in rock, Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Farewell Gift

She leaned ever so gently 
toward me,
tenderly touching 
her lips to mine.
Like the first time 
her son’s arm brushed my skin, 
I felt the energy of love 
move through me. 
In my 30 years 
as her daughter-in-law,
this was the first such kiss 
she had given me. 
Every moment 
I ever doubted 
how much she cared for me 
in this her final declaration of love. 
A feathery kiss, 
my final farewell gift. 

I miss you Kitty. May you rest in peace, my 2nd mother.