To Notice


To Notice

What do you see
when you close your eyes
and open a dream?
What do you hear
when you silence the noise
and tune in to what’s inside?
What do you feel
when you take away the old story
and open to your experience now?
What do you say
when you are all alone
and only your heart is listening?

That’s what I am exploring right now.

* I took this photo in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy. I spotted it growing on a fence during a waterside walk to dinner. I don’t know what kind of flower it is but it fascinated me. I chose it because it called me to notice. For more photos of my vacation time in Cefalu, go HERE.

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He listens.
Opens his heart
so you have some place
soft to stand.
He wraps himself gently around you
holding all the pieces of you
He asks, what if:
You quit fighting?
You loosen your grip?
You open your palms wide?
You invite the noise and chaos in?
You simply let go?
You allow your heart to speak?
You trust the wisdom of your inner voice?
You own your truth with confidence?
He invites you:
Be who you are
Right where you are.

I wrote this poem about my brother, Mike. We live halfway across the country from each other and don’t get to be together very often. On one particular visit, I was at a very challenging point in my job.

I remember going for a walk with him and how he listened as I described my struggle. I  felt held as he listened intently to my words and understood my feelings. I remember the power of his questions and how they guided me back to myself – and therein found my way out of the spiral.

No coincidence we were walking through a canyon with his Australian blue dog, Blaze,  herding us. Sometimes you need to go deep into the land with someone or something to shepherd you along.

I hope you have someone that honors and holds you, someone who cares deeply for you, celebrates your light, and supports you through challenges.


* I took this photo on Inis Oirr, one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.