vibrant and promising

sunrise on San Agustinillo
Vibrant and Promising

The darkness disappears 
 into a palette of soft pink and orange 
as the golden globe of the sun 
 crawls from the ground of the horizon
into the sea of the sky, throwing her light 
 at the clouds above 
and the sea below, and everything opens 
 in rainbow, vibrant and promising

I wrote this poem in January when I was in Mexico escaping the winter cold. I am beginning to anticipate another escape and the vibrancy and promise of warm January days in the new year…


Break through

She looks out across the lawn to the garden bed barren after winter’s biting bitterness. “Break through”, she encourages the perennials, imagining their seeds cracking open, green growth sprouting from their dark crustiness at the heart of their being, pushing up through the soil toward the light of the sun, into the warmth of spring, so that she could see them come alive. As if carried on a breeze whispering through the trees, she realizes she is talking to herself. 

already holding hope for spring so tightly…


A bird in song, Santa Clarita, California

Once I was
a sweet song bird

joyful as the jingle
of a kid’s bike bell

gentle as a breeze
on my mother’s shoulders

strong as the strands
on a spider’s web

Then I dimmed
as if the night
light in the hall

the bell whispered
the breeze stilled
the silk softened
and I sat down
to rest

This poem is also part of a collection I put together called All the Shapes of Joy.