Come with me to Lake Koronis


Come with Me to Lake Koronis

Come with me on my adventure
through the fields of opportunity and the land of 10,000 lakes
from my home in Iowa to my friend’s cabin in Minnesota
as I travel through a stitching of interstates, highways, and county roads
with truckers, convoys of sand-colored military trucks, caravans of campers and summer vacationers,
even a pair of vintage cars in a powder blue and cherry red with shimmering silver accents,
and a car with an ONLYNOW license plate – a reminder to stay present with what’s here.

So much to notice traveling in solitude and so many opportunities to connect with nature…
the lakes like polka dots along the road, big and little, on the right and on the left,
rows and rows of corn in flowing fields, and soybeans as great big green canvases for the sky,
prairie grass and wildflowers in shades of purple, yellow and white,
miles and miles of Queen Anne’s lace flowers like a ribbon fringe along the road,
wide green rivers, streams and creeks dividing the land, lily-lined road-side ditches,
rolling hills with stripes of oak trees, and cows lazily grazing and sleeping.

The birds greet me like long-lost friends –
bluebirds on the power lines watching the road like some sort of movie made just for them,
swallows darting across and alongside the road catching supper for their babies,
red-wing blackbirds squawking from bush to tree with their colorful surprise,
even an eagle floating on the thermals.

I pass towns with names that evoke mind’s-eye images of nature that surprise and delight,
like Elk Run Heights, Deer Wood, Cedar Valley, River Forest, Lone Tree, and Big Woods,
Marble Rock, Blooming Prairie, Blue Earth, Crystal Springs, and Eagle Lake, too.

Farmsteads amidst gentle rolling hills with barns and silos and northern windbreaks,
old dusty roads and pickup trucks, and motorcycles and tractors for sale from the road-side lawns,
hay bales wound up tight and resting on mowed strips of someone’s land,
small cemeteries set on green patches of lawn sprinkled with trees amidst the crops,
water towers proudly shouting the names of their ‘don’t blink’ sized towns,
even a city parade in Cosmos, a quaint place with streets like Gemini, Pegasus, Orion, and Vega.

My eyes greeted by a train of gray and black tankers 100-cars long stopped along a scenic curve,
modern inventions like wind-mill farms dancing in the breeze,
and whimsy, like a sparkly billboard that advertises exclusively diamonds,
a by-plane flying low as it lands into a regional airport,
and white cotton candy clouds dotting the baby blue sky
casting shadows over the land as I near my destination
and the excitement of my Lake Koronis adventure mounts.


I couldn’t take photos as I traveled north yesterday to spend a week with my friend Blair and her dog Lola at her lake cabin so I captured my experience in words instead. What a beautiful, wondrous drive – and such a gift to be able to get away in this special way with my incredible friend. This is my 4th year visiting this amazing place. I’ve included a few bonus photos below so you can see just how beautiful it is.

aligning our will and our heart


Day 49, Right Intention and Right Effort
Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Compassion
by Rolf Gates

“Something happens when we align our will and our heart. Our efforts become an unstoppable force for good. The joy that we take in this kind of action is not the pride of achievement, nor is it the joy of possession, for it does not belong to the realm of the separate self.  The joy that is felt when our will soars on the wings of our heart is too big to belong to any one aspect of creation. It is a joy that belongs to all of us. The strength we embody is the strength of us all, the kindness, the wisdom, the grace, the wit, the poetry, the vision, the courage, the beauty that we love and create — all of this belongs to us all. For a moment we are the hand of creation, thh voice of creation, the heart of creation. The ancients called this “vivid true knowledge” or “direct knowledge of the soul.” and it is enough for any heart. The only reward we ever need for such an experience is to be given the opportunity to serve once again as the hand of all of us.”


Rolf Gates’ writing has been inspiring and guiding me for well over a dozen years, since my friend Celeste gave me a copy of his first book, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, which I have read cover to cover at least five times. That’s 5 years of my life listening and feeling Rolf’s wisdom. What a gift!

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* I took the above photo on my vacation to Italy. This tissue paper heart sat on the steps just outside the Duomo San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily, just after it been thrown with joy upon a newly married couple. Below is an image of the cathedral and the many steps leading up to it. Modica Duomo.PNG

abundant joy


she teaches

in her simple way

to see how accessible it is

and to grab it

when it nibbles:

abundant joy


I spent 5 days last week at my friend Blair’s lake cabin in Minnesota, what’s become a delicious summertime tradition. Lola is Blair’s English Springer Spaniel and she joined us for this year’s adventure. Lola helps me tap into the special lessons that only a dog can teach.

She loves to swim and play in the lake. She can literally swim for hours. It’s mesmerizing to watch her gliding through the water. Something soothing about the repetition in her movement. An invitation to simply lean into a piece of joy and savor it.


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* The above photo is of Lola hoping it’s time to go down to the dock, anticipating more swimming joy. And because one photo is just not enough of this sweet girl, here are a few more! Lola ‘swimmin’ the life”!