Photo by Vicki Flaherty | Orta, Italy


Something about this word makes me smile. Maybe because wonder takes me back to childhood, when so much was new and life was filled with a sense of wonder, when we explore and live into experience without expectation or judgement. Maybe it’s the invitation in it: to shape the world from a place of curiosity, to embrace to the opportunity before us, to lean into ‘what is’ with our full selves, and to let what arises in life carry us.

Awe Gazing

Madonie Mountains, Sicily, Italy

Awe Gazing
By Vicki L Flaherty

The majesty of the mountains…
The endlessness of the sea…
The meandering of great rivers
The distant light of the stars…
The power and pull of the moon in the sky…

We gaze in awe:
at the miracle of nature
touching us with her grace
she opens our hearts
pours beauty into our being,
awakening us from our dream,
inviting us into a world
vibrant and alive with possibility.

And here we are:
human beings
with beating hearts
incredible minds
and intricately complex bodies
filled with spirit.

May we gaze in awe:
at the magnificence of our humanity –
our majesty
our endlessness
our meandering
our light.

It is so easy it is to forget that we, as human beings, are amazing and worthy of inspiring awe.

The Song of Your Soul

Borgofranco d'Ivrea Italy.JPG

The Song of Your Soul

I went to a workshop
to improve my poetry.
I met some creative people
who revealed their view of the world.
The teacher was smart
with her MFA from University of Iowa.
She shared her secrets for writing
good poetry – form and other such details.
The problem is that nothing
she shared was about opening your heart,
not a single thing about how a poem
is in essence the song of your soul.

I’m experimenting with writing about details of my personal experience. This poem came to me one morning during my quiet time as I reflected on an experience along my poetry writing journey.

* I took this photo as the sun was setting on Borgofranco d’Ivrea Italy in 2018 when there visiting some family. It seemed everywhere I went I saw something beautiful – this was taken as we were driving to a pizza restaurant for dinner. Even the pizza was beautiful – see the bonus photo below! (For more fun photos, you might be interested in the joyfull eye, where I post my photography every Thursday.)

Pizzeria la Tana - Borgofranco d'Ivrea - Italy (2).JPG