it’s all food

Petralia Soprana, Sicily, Italy
it’s all food

the tender touch of a loved one
or the feeling of the sun on your face
the stub of your toe on the chair foot, again
or cutting your finger with the vegetables
the taste of cinnamon and tangerine
the argument at work
or interaction you just weren’t present for 
the sound of church bells ringing in the distance 
or the alarm clock buzzing you awake
the disappointment of not taking the initiative to help someone else, or yourself
the joy of the children playing in the yard
or a quiet moment’s rest.
every little thing.
it’s all food.
if only you’re truly hungry
to know your truth 
and ready to taste 
some ripe delicious fruit. 


Terre de Vendicari Sicily Italy 2.JPG


the awakened spirit
bravely leans into
the moment’s softness

the hungry soul
opens and allows
others’ love to flow in

the tender heart
the gift of wholeness


This post was inspired by reading Healing is Mutual in Rachel Naomi Remen’s Kitchen Table Wisdom. She writes about a doctor who follows his intuition and breaks with his training to pray in his office with an elderly woman patient in the final stages of cancer. Rachel describes how the women touched the doctor’s cheek in appreciation and how that simple act of grace was a  powerful gift for the physician, giving him strength and recommitting him to his healing work.

I love how Rachel inspires me to listen to the wisdom inside, deep down where my heart beats softly. I like the way she invites me to be vulnerable and courageous in acting on what feels right, even though it may be different from what I would usually do, or what I might think is ‘professional’ or aligned with others’ expectations. I appreciate how she helps me see what’s possible when I show up 100% for what’s happening – and the beauty of others’ gifts flowing into my life.

* I took this photo at Terre di Vendicari in Sicily, Italy this past summer. I chose it because of the way these horses seemed to give and receive from each other.