on a torn wing

a frigate bird flying over San Agustinillo (not the one that’s the subject of the below poem)
 on a torn wing

 all alone up in the sky
 just above the scrubby hill
 like an outcast pushed away
 just how did you get that tear
 in the center of your long black wing
 like a knife sliced down the middle? 
 did you upset your brother
 taking his share of the fishy feast 
 you were sharing at the sea? 
 did you move in on the neighbor’s girl
 thinking you’d be a better match
 realizing too late he was tougher than you thought? 
 do you carry regret, or
 Was the whole thing easy to forget?
 what did you think now 
 as you gaze down into the aqua waters 
 lapping at the shore? 
 what wisdom do you carry
 as you glide solo, the thermals
 your only companion? 
 will you find a new family,
 maybe a band of misfits, 
 or will you forever be the 
 lone frigate soaring the sky? 

This poem, the last I’ll share from my Gathering at the Sea collection, written while on holiday in San Agustinillo, Mexico in January 2021, is about a frigate bird I noticed while sitting on our balcony one afternoon. There are so many things to notice on the beach, around the posada, and in town, especially when you’re intentional about finding something different from what you’ve seen on previous visits. You can find other poems from my little collection previously posted here:


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All of these poems are also part of an online collection I call Little Morsels of Delight.