To Notice


To Notice

What do you see
when you close your eyes
and open a dream?
What do you hear
when you silence the noise
and tune in to what’s inside?
What do you feel
when you take away the old story
and open to your experience now?
What do you say
when you are all alone
and only your heart is listening?

That’s what I am exploring right now.

* I took this photo in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy. I spotted it growing on a fence during a waterside walk to dinner. I don’t know what kind of flower it is but it fascinated me. I chose it because it called me to notice. For more photos of my vacation time in Cefalu, go HERE.

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Awaken, my dreamer self.
Share what you see.
Open your heart’s desires.
Lay them out before us.
Let us touch and feel them.
Explore the possibility in them.
Breathe light and life into them.

I wrote this poem back in September 2015. I found it earlier this year when thumbing through one of my journals. It has been speaking to me ever since. It seems it’s time to open my heart and breathe into my dreams.

Ah, yes, and just how to do that? Perhaps by engaging in a little stillness. I sit with excited anticipation, ready to play with possibility and discover what appears before me.


* I took this photo of a Red Admiral butterfly as it entertained me and my husband one Saturday night on our deck.

the power and magic


The Power and Magic

Do you ever

just pause

and feel

the power

of your heart


and experience

the magic

of being


Last week I wrote about how poetry has been flowing through me lately. This is another of the short unpublished pieces that came together in my morning quiet time. This piece was inspired not only by Mark Nepo but also Ruth Fishel’s time for joy daily affirmations.

So, do you?


* I took this photo in San Agustinillo, Mexico. What good fortune to catch this beauty in a magical moment of stillness!