so much to see

So Much to See

Come out of hiding
Express your Self with abandon
Step into being wholly who you are
Allow divine energy to flow through you
Embrace the sanctitude of sharing your truth

Reveal your genuine Self
Verity emerges as you open your soul
Your luminescence rises above the noise of the world like fog along the mountains 
As you empty yourself naked, exposing your depths
Who you are flows like water moving from a pitcher to a clear glass 
Your truth freed from within, so much to see in the emergence

This poem is also part of a collection I put together called Meditative Blossoms.

how do you follow the joy?

Follow the Joy, Catherine Raines
how do you follow the joy?

Maybe joy lies hidden between the lines of stories about hate, heroin, and heroes in the newspaper? 

Does the little black squiggle that whispers in our ear at sunset lead us to joy? 

What about the red pumping through our hearts and into the corners of our being – does that take us to joy? 

Maybe joy lies hidden in how all the colors of your canvas meld like a chef’s au jus-y sauce? 

Does joy arise in a line of spongy blue polka dots that mark the boundaries of our fear? 

What about the clutch of eggs not-really-hiding in the Robin’s nest – does joy circle around them? 

Maybe joy lies hidden in the torn piece of paper from a love letter long forgotten, now collaged into our life? 

Does the top or bottom of the broken stick point in the direction of joy, or does joy swirl around in all directions everywhere? 

What about the subtle sparkle in the paint that sits on the surface, waiting for us to notice – will joy start singing from that little stage? 

Maybe joy lies hidden in and around the square of paper and all the energetic intention of its creator, just inviting us to open? 

This poem was written in response to a prompt related to ekphrastic poetry (poetry that responds to art) in How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal with Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination. I was invited to pick a favorite piece of art, and ask it a question, with the poem forming the answer. I chose a 3X3 collage that I purchased for myself in 2020, Follow the Joy by Catherine Rains. Check out her website HERE.

art of the universe

višnje – Cherrie at the Kotor Market in Montenegro
Art of the Universe

I bite into the berry pie, the straws, blues, and
rasps burst deliciously in my mouth. I sense
these living organisms giving me energy, like a 
gift because I cannot exist without these other 
beings to sustain me. I recall the “food chain” I 
learned in school, like a ladder with something, someone
powerful at the top. But, no, today it comes to me
as a circle, a wheel that goes round and we are all part 
of the art that’s being painted by the universe. 

May you feel the hug of the universe in the littlest of daily activities…

This poem is also part of a collection I put together called Little Morsels of Delight.