it is all there for you


The question circles within me
repeatedly arising:
Am I worthy?
The voice I hear
sounds an emphatic NO,
telling me I do not deserve
a life of abundance.

Yet, the goodness I seek,
like friends to keep me company,
sometimes seem within reach.
These friends…
beauty and blessings,
creativity and connection,
health and happiness,
intuition and inner peace,
light, laughter and love…
How far away are they?

Another voice emanates
from deep within,
the shape of my heart.
She’s whispered all these years.
Now, she finally calls aloud to me:
‘Come, now.’
Her tender and kind words
speak with compassion and love.
‘These friends you seek are always here for you.’
‘There are no special circumstances that need to exist.’
‘There is nothing specific you need to do.’
‘Simply open and welcome and believe
– it is all there for you.’

My attention has been drawn to that part of us who doubts, who questions our value, who believes we are not fully worthy of our dreams. As I’ve seen it in friends who confide in and open up to me, I’ve tuned into how it is alive in me. This poem was inspired by the intimate conversations that help to move away from ego-driven to heart-supported thoughts and beliefs. Feed the loving and kinds thoughts within.

* I recently took this photo of a geranium that I am overwintering in a pot under a dining room window. I love how it has no question about its worthiness to bloom in the midst of the cold winter months. May it remind you as it does me of our worthiness to move toward the light.

When the seedlings are encouraged

Hostas sprouting in spring by Vicki Flaherty, 2019, Iowa

When the seedlings are encouraged

They can be so stingy with the essential ingredient,
the vitamin that strengthens the artist spirit:
They tear apart and break down, their intellect like a knife,
rather than lend their souls, like a salve.
Their perspective is fogged in and funneled;
what they see shaped by their rule books
and their own fear of being free:
should-haves, limitations, and imperfection,
instead of pure creative impulse filled with possibility.

We all start somewhere, seeds pulled by energy,
encouragement feeding the inner artist within,
our potential and willingness to try appreciated.

Imagine if all of us artist seedlings
were appreciated for who we are
and encouraged through our creative process,
what a beautiful world would flourish.

The seedling
with nature’s gentle hand
and the mature trees’ encouragement
flourishes in the forest.

This post was Inspired by Chapter 8 of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’m going through this self-guided book and am excited to be 2/3 through. I’ve tried twice before – but never got beyond Chapter 1 or 2; this time I’m ready. I’ve been supported in opening my creative energy and acknowledging the artist within me. With a beginner’s mind, I am invited to try so many things. I recently had the courage to buy a few bottles of acrylic paint to dabble with painting. I also checked out books at the public library on collage and making hand-made books. I started playing with the former and excited to experiment with the latter. I’ve also been called back to old hobbies like photography cards, sewing, and crochet. I find I’m in love with different colors and textures of crafting paper and making things decorated with heart and flower punches – to delight the eye, open the heart and open possibility. I’ve included some photos of recent inspirations

A holiday crocheted hat, fabric bookmarks, yoga bag, shawl with beading detail, collage card, embellished photo cards, crafting heart punch and card stock goodies, acrylic paint on patterned paper posted to card, crocheted potholder,