finding my way


Finding My Way

How do I respond to the lone tree in the field
its branches outstretched with uncertainty

Shall I walk up and wrap my arms around it
with a grip that gives it no choice but to stand tall

Maybe I step into the gentle stream by its side
allowing the soothing, clear water to carry me away

Perhaps my eyes hold the color of the light upon its leaves
to guide me moment by moment in finding my way


This is a revised version of a poem that I wrote about 6 years ago and posted on one of my earlier blogs, Mostly My Heart Sings. Time definitely has a way of softening things. Anniversaries of my breast cancer diagnosis, my lumpectomy and my mastectomy have passed and I didn’t even notice. That’s what the distance of 8 years can do. I found my way through uncertainty with a little gripping, a lot of floating, and mostly keeping my eye on the light.


* I took this photo of the afternoon sunlight streaming through the maple tree in front of our motel room in Door County, Wisconsin this past August.

golden light


May Golden Light Fall Upon You

A golden light falls from the sky
Its rays beam down upon you
Their energy flows through you
Warming your cells with healing energy
Permeating your being with loving light


This poem came to me during a yoga practice that I had dedicated to a dear friend who was preparing for her first breast cancer chemotherapy treatment. As we were guided to envision a golden light moving through us, I felt a healing sensation as my imagination followed the shining light permeating my every cell. I wish my friend physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing as her body accepts the healthy possibilities of her treatment.


* This photo was taken in Verbania, Italy as the sun was setting through the clouds over Lake Maggiore.

Our Painting

babytreesinsnowOur Painting

The canvas white with possibility.
Old expectations pushed off the edges.
Past chapters of life lost outside the frame.
Emptiness waiting impatiently to be filled.
The blank fabric inviting the dreamer.

The stories we want to believe
begin like lines gracing the page.
Emotions we dare to express
create a rich and courageous texture.
Acceptance gently hiding beyond our grasp
dances like shadows on the page.
The power and grace we hold
paints a perfect balance of color.

Like hope rising
boldly from our hearts
shapes take form
and the picture emerges:
A reflection of our perfect souls.

The day I wrote this poem I was meeting a friend, Lati, for brunch, and as I awaited her arrival, the poem came to me. I sat in the quiet and comfort of the quaint little Leaf Kitchen cafe, pulled out a small pad of paper, and started to write. From the vintage chair at the table, with my herbal tea steeping, I saw something different for us.

We’d seen some dark gray days on our journey of breast cancer. Today, though, acceptance, openness and courage were available to us. We were reaching deeper into ourselves and finding our way forward. Our beliefs had the power to take us somewhere new and put us at choice for creating a new reality.

* I took this photo on Highway 151 from Dubuque, Iowa on a cold February day.