the sound of wisdom

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
the sound of wisdom

i hear the sound 
in the quiet of morning
not angry voices
sharp and biting and mean
no, it’s a soft reverberating
embracing and kind
the sound of wisdom,
the whispers of my heart 
echoing against my being

the bed of my being

snow on Pine Ridge Road
the bed of my being 

i feel the magic 
of the falling snow 
blanketing me 
into the bed of my being
where I rest
in the hushed world 

Sometimes when it’s hot out, it’s fun to fantasize about nature’s cooler days.

joy is possible right here


the truth

There is nowhere to go

Only to stand on the solid ground  of my being

And claim the truth:

Joy is possible right here.


I keep opening to joy and my life flows. When I think I’ve opened as much as I can, I discover that there is more room to stretch and experience something new.


* I took this photo of one of the first lilies blooming in our backyard this summer.