In the midst of daily life

In the midst of daily life

This is when it matters. 

When you are 
trying to fall asleep at night, filled with worry about what has happened or is going to happen
avoiding getting up to answer the phone because you are in the middle of something, instead of giving yourself over to your friend or your mother 
thinking about skipping your daily exercise, again, for something more indulgent that ultimately makes you feel worse rather than better

When you are 
cleaning up the coffee that you knocked over with your elbow, now dripping to the kitchen floor 
watching the squirrels dig for acorns in the freshly planted grass seed or the chipmunks tear up your potted flowers bathing in soft soil
ruminating, again, about how things didn’t go your way and angry that you even care about such little things

When you are 
feeling defensive in response to someone’s comment that you took as an accusation (but it really wasn’t) 
wandering bored to the fridge, again, hungry for something 
that is not food
simply needing a hug that you don’t want to ask for, 
that no one notices you need

This is when it matters. 
This is the time
to open your heart 
and simply love
the ordinariness of it all. 

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