We’re all authors

Ibiza Spain
We’re all authors

We’re all authors.
Our minds are always writing stories. 
Oh, the drama that goes on in there! 
Mostly we don’t even realize the pen is at work. 
But those habitual patterns of thought, 
those beliefs we hold
and assumptions we make,
pour out to fill chapters in our book. 
Amusing, lighthearted stories, 
stories of danger and fear, 
stories of hate and love, 
sadness and happiness. 
Endless themes for our fickle minds. 
The novellas we love - and those we hate – 
shaped by our engagement in the world. 
It all comes to us in a rush - 
what people say, 
how something makes us feel, 
our basic human needs - 
and we scurry to scribble out our truths 
onto the page where everyone can see them. 

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