in that brief still moment

in that brief, still moment

i lost my job 
no, I didn’t lose it
i was holding onto it for dear life 
and it was taken away from me
like a favorite toy from a child 
who was playing with it for too long
20 dedicated years…some 6000+ days

well, yes, I guess, I lost my job
because I feel the hurt of work
going on without me,
i have an empty space inside of me
where the people I played with used to rest
i miss the sense of purpose
that came from being of service there

but, in a brief, still moment
sitting in silence and 
the spaciousness that had opened up before me
i saw myself soaring like a bird
riding the thermals high above the beautiful earth
available to live life completely on my terms
to fully move my face in the direction of my dreams
in that brief, still moment
I realized I was free.

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