little shell

Shells I collected on morning walks, displayed on the windowsill of our posada
 little shell
 little shell, I wonder
    what big stories
        you have to tell
        how you fell
     in such glory
 here on sand just under
 my two weary feet
 little shell, your beauty
    nothing so grand
        you arrived well
        your ev’ry cell
    gently on land
 I picked you up with glee
 such a lovely treat 

My morning routine when on holiday in Mexico is getting up with the sunrise and walking the beach for about 45 minutes. I keep an eye out for shells, which this year swam up mostly on the small beach in front of our posada. I think 2021 was the best shell collecting year ever. I found several shells I’ve never seen there before, and found, on average, a cowrie shell a day (they used to be so rare a find).

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These poems are also part of an online collection I call Little Morsels of Delight.

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