To the sunny side

My bedroom, everything in its place, circa 1977

For those who know me, you’ll see the truth in this one! I can thank my Navy Dad for these qualities.

 To the Sunny Side 
 Dare to care and do prepare
 You’ve got control, it’s your role
 Like a busy bee, clean what you see
 Leave it all in tip-top shape, for you there’s no escape
 Your eyes like a hawk, when there’s dirt, they balk 
 You have your rituals & process, oh, how you do obsess
 Strategies & advice, even a special tip for getting a grip, 
    using a clip, stopping a drip 
 Pray it’s all put away, down to the tiniest stray
 Even inside the drawer, there’s a chore 
 Sort and shift, with your hands give it a lift
 Some will posit there’s something special about clothes 
    lined up in a closet 
 You can do it by season or some other reason, like color 
    or length - give us strength
 When setting out to organize, the times just flies 
 Get out the duster & the mop and polish without a stop 
 Be neat, like a folded sheet and a bed made complete
 Conquer the clutter, and the butter, yep, you’re a nutter
 No level of disarray keeps you at bay, you jump right into 
    the fray
 Get it all in order, all the way to the border, be no hoarder 
 That’s how we do it, in a bit of a flit, some say really quick 
 Into the trash you make it dash with a smash 
 Picking it up as you go, minimizes the work, don’t you know
 You can do it at home or as you roam, at the table, 
    wherever you’re able 
 When things are tidy, there’s nothing to hidy
 Everything in its place within your space makes for 
    such sweet grace
 You might feel a sense of peace when cleaning is your release 
 Nowhere a dust bunny, isn’t it funny how that can make 
    you feel so sunny  

Click HERE for an audio recording of the poem.

This poem is part of an online collection I call All the Shapes of Joy.

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