Temple of Athena Ruins – Priene, Turkey

“I forgive myself for being imperfect.

I forgive myself for making mistakes.

I forgive myself for having to learn about life by living it.”

~Rolf Gates

Since the onset of COVID-19 when Rolf Gates started offering free guided mindfulness meditations via facebook, I’ve been practicing with him and his community. (He is the author of two of my favorite books, Meditations from the Mat and Meditations on Intention and Being.) Above are the words that frame the compassion meditation that we do together on Wednesdays. Words that have been very soothing and healing for me.

So many times in my life, after some unskillful behavior that went against my values or that hurt someone, I hung on to feeling bad about myself, replaying the behavior and beating myself up, with time being the only real healer. My hope is that this practice will support me in being kinder and gentler with myself and enable a more graceful response to being human.

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