from my 8-year-old-self

spring robin playing in birdbath

Dear Vicki,

Isn’t life good?

Aren’t you grateful for your family, your education, your health?

You have so much – you are fortunate that you can play and enjoy life.

Make time for friends and FUN – be silly!

Enjoy learning.

Never turn down a chance to play (especially with a dog!).

Don’t be afraid of things that are only in your imagination.

Lose yourself in how it feels to see, hear, be touched in and by the world.

Take time to sit in the big chair and read – RELAX.

Eat that tasty treat without regret.

I wish you a life filled with joy and delight. May your heart be open, your mind be clear, and your senses alive to fully experience life’s pleasures.

Your 8-year-old-self

I wrote this letter to myself as a recommended activity when I was moving through The Artist’s Way. I came across the hand-written message tucked in the back of my personal journal, having just finished filling all the pages and about to put it on the shelf. My hope I’ll never forget the 8-year-old that lives inside of me and the ever-present invitation to open to life without stories and judgement. What would your 8-year-old-self say to you? (Previously I posted a letter from my 80-year-old-self.)

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