On Harmony…

Paula (L) with more colleagues, Diana and Ginger (2008)

I was going through some precious files – the ones I stashed in a special place, to filter through when I could savor them. I found myself reading through about 15 sheets of paper stapled together. Remnants of a blog I started internally at work back in 2007. The blog posts focused on words that spoke to me in some special way…words like possibility, radiance, joy, inspiration, and gratitude.

My first post was about harmony. I got goose-bumps as I read the comments shared by a dear friend who has now passed, Paula Patinella. She was a wise woman who spoke truth with an open heart. Below is her touching perspective on harmony. May her words inspire you as they did me.

Harmony is coordinating my inner voice with what is going on around me…

If we all felt harmony within ourselves, then we could focus on how much we have in common rather than looking for differences. When we realize how much we have in common, there is a wonderful synchronization and energy created. Sometimes, I just close my eyes and listen to what is going on around me…the pattern of birds singing, accompanied by the flow of traffic, even the hum of machines working, or people walking…all that orchestrated into an asymmetrical perspective of the world that, to me, seems to be in perfect harmony.

I love when that happens.

Rest in peace Paula.