BE like the bamboo tree

BE like the bamboo tree
by Vicki L. Flaherty
Inspired by my friend and amazing mindfulness leader, Katiuscia Berretta

BE like the bamboo tree.
Welcome this moment.
Rest in awareness.
Your physical presence.
Your inner strength.
Nothing to fix.
Nothing to change.
Nothing to make special.
Just being firm and stable.
Just feeling flexible and flowing.

BE like the bamboo tree.
Enduring the winter storms,
roots reaching deeply into the earth.
Accepting the snow on your branches
until you can no longer.
When the white heaviness falls away,
let it go – and bend back.
Resilient, now stronger.

BE like the bamboo tree.
Standing strong in the summer sun,
stretching toward the sky.
Swaying gently in the warm breeze,
dancing to mother nature’s song.
As the light shines on you,
receive it – and grow.
Resilient, and now taller.

BE like the bamboo tree.
Your branches hollow.
No judgements or beliefs inside.
Just this openness inside you.
A place of not knowing.
Where you do not need to become anything.
Be with this emptiness:
the space of possibility.

Today I sat quietly remembering a beautiful time in my life. A time when I got to initiate and lead a mindfulness movement at work. A time when I was co-creating with amazing people trained in mindfulness, with inspired and passionate colleagues, with individuals hungry to be alive and create new possibility. I had the honor of practicing and leading practices with a very special woman and dear friend who lives in Rome, Kat. In one of the many virtual mindfulness series we led, she led us through a meditation that invited us to be like a bamboo tree, to sit in the beautiful space of presence, to explore being, to honor mystery, to simply sit in stillness, to bend and open from a place free of judgement, beliefs, concepts. Thank you for your gift, dear friend, and for sharing it with all of us.

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