like a candle

These excerpts are from Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening in his piece entitled “In a Burst of Oneness”.

“Like a candle, our wick of spirit is encased in our humanity, and when our spirit is touched, we light up until all we know melts and changes shape for the burn of our experience. Repeatedly, our sweat and struggle burns our sense of self and world away, so that our Divine spark can be released, again and again.” … “Perhaps this is why, in the fullest moments of loving or knowing or being, we go nameless and timeless and breathless — everything about us used up, like a candle, burned over and over, just to light entire rooms with our flicker.”

This piece created a desire in me to lose myself more, to let myself melt, to allow my shape to change, to be all used up. I have a real sense that in that vulnerability, that opening, that surrender, I will find freedom and a deep intimacy with the world.

* I took this photo of a candle burning on our coffee table in our den one winter evening while we were hanging out in front of a toasty fire.

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