the worthy one

Backyard Beauty, Purple Coneflower by Vicki L. Flaherty, 2019, IOWA

the worthy one

She is the one that holds you up when you feel yourself slipping down.
She helps you look forward when the fear of falling back creeps up on you.
She keeps you from pushing yourself to exhaustion.
She finds the opportunity in what shows up in this chaotic world.
She enables you to experience a restful way to do things that can seem like a chore.
She is the one who makes things easy, light, fun, and healthy because she believes that’s how the world is meant to be.
She is at your center, emanating from your heart, and often talks in tears.
She might even wear soft colors and like fabric that flows, holding you in grace.
She is there when you sit in stillness and opens you to listen and feel.
She is as close by as one big, receiving in-breath.

This was inspired by a deep and touching conversation I had with a dear friend last month. It stemmed from a realization that we often talk about our ‘best’ self and there is something begging of perfection in that. Who exactly is this ‘superhero’ we think we need to be?

There’s a kinder, gentler being within that is waiting for us to tap her on the shoulder. A part of us that is kind, caring, generous to our self, that loves us as we are, that knows we are here to be vibrant and alive and filled with light, to experience the beauty and humanity of the world.

Do you see that one inside of yourself? What does she look like? What does she have to say to you? What does she want you to do, think, say, touch, hear, see, feel?

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