May You…


May You…

My friend, may you…
Be in this moment, not too far ahead
Follow your heart energy, letting your intuition guide you
Sense your vulnerability, allowing the soft part of you to open to the light
Appreciate how beautiful you are radiating from within
Notice the power residing deep inside of you

My friend, may you…
Invite grace to sit by our side
Hold hope cupped in your hands
Sit still and find comfort in the darkness
Rely on the quiet, steady strength that is your foundation
Trust you have everything you need
Open to the mystery of your life

My friend, may you…
Make choices aligning with what’s most important
See the meaning in your actions
Carry peace in the decisions you make
Feel love flowing through your experiences
Know that your presence tenderly touches the life around you

I wrote this poem over a year ago for a dear friend of mine who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. We came together regularly in a healing circle with a several other women friends of hers. It is so powerful when we strengthen each other with our intentions, our words, the love that emanates from our being. (My friend has successfully completed her treatment and living life fully alive and vibrant.)

* I took this photo of wedding confetti on the steps of the cathedral in Modica, Sicily, Italy. The ‘bonus’ photo below is of the Duomo San Georgio where the paper heart was taken.

Modica Sicily Italy.JPG