Backyard Beauty_Columbine Leaf with Water _Summer2019 (4).JPG


Morning comes and I comb my hair,

removing the knots and tangles

from tossing and turning in slumber.

I wash my face

– hair pulled back in a soft tie –

caressing my skin with gentle hands,

cleansing away the grit that gathers over night.

I brush my teeth

– never quite the full 2 minutes ‘they’ recommend  –

scouring away the plaque that builds between things.

I look into the mirror, affirming my being

and I smile, trusting the day full of possibility before me.

Sometimes it’s nice to just take pleasure in simplest things that affirm our being. This poem is about that.

When I am awake to life, I seem to appreciate the everyday much more.

[You might be interested in thesmallthings where I blog every Wednesday about simple little things that I appreciate.]

* The photo is of columbine leaves in the spring sunshine as the morning dew is burning away.

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