Gazing on tall pines

Pines in Iowa.jpg

Gazing on tall pines

I sit in the big white chair
snuggled in the fuzzy warmth
of the blanket my mother-in-law gave me
when I had breast cancer.

I gaze upon the tall pines
standing outside the living room window
and I wonder…

What do they see
from their little patch on our front lawn?
At times, do they look within
to find their strength and resilience?
How often do they take comfort together
and need each other for support?
Are they mesmerized by the beauty
of the evening sky aglow at sunset?
At night, do they fall asleep
to the music of the moon?
When they wake to the morning light,
do they long for someone to see and love them?


Sitting in the chair, contemplating the trees inspired me to finally get a copy of The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, which I am now reading with fascination. It’s fun to explore something I’d never given much thought, to open my mind to something so much bigger and beyond myself.


* One winter I took this photo from the middle of the my street. It shows the pines that I see through the living room window.

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