i don’t know

Doolin Ireland - 3 Surprised Sheep.JPG

I don’t know.

Given the fact that there is more that I don’t (than do) know, why is it so challenging to embrace these 3 little words?

Maybe because, from the time we are wee little things and on through school and work, we are rewarded knowing stuff, for getting things right, having answers? Maybe because when we know, we feel safe and in control?

I’m finding, though, there’s a power in accepting that I don’t know. In a way, it is freeing. With a little curiosity, not knowing can be an adventure, and even fun.

How do you feel about not knowing?


* My husband and I surprised these 3 sheep when we showed up on the road next to their field, which was situated on the coast in Doolin, Ireland. (It was sunset and I also caught this sweet swallow resting on a fence along the road.)


2 Replies to “i don’t know”

  1. This reminds me of something I have come to understand recently. There’s a lot of focus on performance everywhere around us. But then performance comes from a place of control, while mastery comes from a place of allowing and being present. That much I know that I barely know anything at all, and through that I am free. And then from a different perspective I know all there is, the question is whether I allow my inner knowing to surface and then follow it 🙂

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    1. Christina, so beautifully said! I love the differentiation of performance versus mastery. Learning, stretching, and growing feels like a delicious invitation. Thank you for sharing!


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