where the journey leads


where the journey leads

a fine yellow powder
moves silently as dust
reaching from plants
overflowing with life
fearless and free
dancing with the wind
to blades of grass
flowers in the garden
water resting in the birdbath
where the bees and birds wear it
to places of new possibility
the filmy elixir knows not
where the journey leads
yet opens itself to what might be

For the past several weekends – it’s spring in Iowa! – I’ve been sweeping a coating of yellow dust from our back deck and front porch. The purpose of this magic powder inspired my poem. As I sat staring into the line of spruces in my back yard, the idea for the poem began to take shape, and then the words flowed to my journal. After a little massaging, the work felt complete.

When you look around, what inspires and amazes you?


* I took this photo of buds on the spruce tree in my front yard. Much of the pollen in our yard comes from the dozen spruce trees that line our property. I was amazed at the beautiful red color – in 18 years, I’d never noticed the cones move through an early phase of being this this lovely color.

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