the gift of a delight-full soul

Carolyn & Charlie Akins







The Gift of a Delight-Full Soul

The peaceful drifting
of her delight-full soul
to a place beyond
strengthens the love
flowing between us.
In her honor
we fully embrace
the precious moments
we are given
to be together.


This poem is dedicated to Carolyn Akins who passed away March 17th, peacefully with her husband Charlie and her daughter Michele at her side. Charlie and Carolyn are dear friends of my Mom and Dad. They RV’d together, visiting new places, eating, dancing, shopping, and just hanging out together. I noticed how, through the difficult final weeks, my parents affection for each other grew even stronger – and I thought that was one of the most beautiful gifts Carolyn could leave. Rest in Peace, dear Carolyn.


Carolyn Smiling.PNG


* My mom took the photos in this post. The first is of Carolyn and Charlie at a dance and the latter is of the always smiling Carolyn bundling up to stay warm.

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