fully into the present



To feel the breeze on your tender skin
to hear the quiet sounds of living around you
to laugh out loud and sing the song in your heart…
the space invites a gentle grace and vibrant aliveness –
a contagiously thrilling and irresistible pull
to open fully into the present.


This poem is dedicated to my new friend Mary, a gentle spirit of a woman who was my next door neighbor on my latest holiday to San Agustinillo. During several of our conversations, she mentioned the spaciousness of being retired and this beautiful place in Mexico – each time was an invitation to lean into the possibilities opening before me.

Jim and I were grateful to have Mary and Kayleen as our neighbors. They were generous and open, sharing their food, experiences, and sweet dog Lucy visit with us. Such wonderful role models of relaxing into retirement and embracing someplace not-home as home (they were staying for 2 months). We hope we’ll be with them same place same time next year.


* I took the opening photo on the beach at San Agustinillo, Mexico at sunset. The closing photo is of sweet Lucy, who brought us many delightful moments.


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