a simple dream


a simple dream

No grand entrances,
big accomplishments, or
roaring accolades.
Simply to
embody joy.

For joy to
carry my heart, and
nourish my spirit.

For joy to
fill me with grace,
envelop me in calm,
open me to hope, and
allow trust to flow through me.

For joy to
guide my intentions,
shape my choices,
carry me in action.

Oh, that my joy
shines bright,
moving ever so gently,
unfolding compassionately,
touching others.

Could it be –
my dream is
as simple as joy?

My dream:
Be Joy.


Sometimes I find myself searching and striving as if something is missing, as if there is somewhere else I am supposed to be. Yet, in the morning calm, I see the simple truth — that everything is already here and I am already what I need to be.

I once lost my joy. I found it when I learned to be more aware and awake to ‘what is’. That is, I learned to be more present. I learned to tune in to the power I have to create my experience and impact others. I’ve carried joy through abundantly delicious adventures, exciting challenges, job changes, health crises, personal losses…and I know that joy changes everything. It is the passageway to whatever is next.


* I took this photo of day lilies in my backyard. I selected this photo because the way that the lilies reach for the sunlight looks like joy to me.

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