uniquely beautiful
strong and resilient
so often underappreciated
despite her majesty
as she sways amidst
the wild grasses
where her energy focuses
on the warming sun, and
soaking in the nourishing rains
that she may stand tall
surrounded by kindred spirits
in her grand garden,
the vast, open prairie


Are you a wildflower? I didn’t always realize it, but I am, for sure. From here, I wonder why I spent so many years trying to become a cultured rose, perfectly colored tulip, or brilliant dahlia. I’ve found so much freedom when I’ve embraced my true essence!

This post was inspired by my first prairie harvest when I joined a friend who is in training to become an Iowa Master Naturalist. We collected grasses and wildflower forbes, from which seeds would later be harvested to create another prairie in another part of our county. I had not fully appreciated the beauty of wildflowers, especially as they die off for a winter break, nor the diversity of flowers that grows amidst the prairie grasses here in Iowa. Thank you, Ginny!


* All photos were taken at F.W. Kent Park in Johnson County, Iowa.

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