Little morsels of joy

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In Memory of Kitty Hogan, 12/10/24 – 10/5/16

I’ve been away, travelling in the southeast USA visiting family and friends. The beautiful clan in the above photo (taken 9/8/18) includes me and my husband Jim (far left) along with his siblings and their spouses, along with a niece and her two girls. We were together to celebrate the life of their mother (and grandmother/great-grandmother) in Gulf Shores, Alabama, one of her favorite places.

 It is beautiful, isn’t it?!

I was inspired to write a poem for the occasion.  It is dedicated to my mother-in-law Kitty’s joyful spirit.

Little morsels of joy

Little morsels of joy
Pleasure in simple things:

Rabbits, birds, and precious pups
Pretty pink azaleas, and impatiens, too
Silver goblets and pressed pastel linen blouses

Chocolate chip cookies
Hershey’s chocolate miniatures
Angel food cake

Savage’s salt rising bread
Oyster and shrimp po-boys
John’s cornsticks and Demitri’s BBQ

Public radio from the fridge-top
A comfy sofa with a dose of TV
An endless supply of books

Pleasure in simple things
Little morsels of joy.

I wanted to draw a picture of her through a short list of things that brought her joy, at least in my experience of her. My hope is that by focusing light on small indulgences – those treats that brought her pleasure – we all might experience a moment of joy, in her honor.

I’ll close with a couple photos of this amazing woman – her coloring with her eldest great grand-daughter and one where she’s nibbling an elephant ear cookie in one of those lovely pastel linen blouses she loved (and which become her).

Rest In Peace, dear one.

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