the wind moves through it

Lake Maggiore Italy

The Wind Moves Through It

The wind moves through it
a soft heart song, the gentle rustle.
The light shines upon it,
a glittering mosaic, the fluttering movement.
Grace blesses the tree
as she stands rooted and strong –
and open and vulnerable
to the touch of her friends.

Like last week’s post, I rediscovered this poem while cleaning out some files. I had originally posted it on my Mostly My Heart Sings blog and forgotten about it. It was inspired by something I read by Mark Nepo in his book The Book if Awakening:

“Everywhere we are given examples of how the life giving elements move through us and bring us to life…Consider how the tree has not control over the movement of the wind…like the tree, we as human beings have not control over the movement of grace.”

This lovely meditation by Mark Nepo accompanies the reading:

  • Watch the wind move through a familiar tree.
  • Watch until the wind has left, and notice how even when still the branches sway slightly.
  • Notice how even what seems like a still air is just a subtle wind.
  • Meditate on how similar the life of spirit is as it moves through us.
  • Feel the force of life like a subtle wind move through you as you breathe.


* I took this photo during my 2018 summer vacation to Italy from the shores of Isola Superiore on Lago Maggiore. I like the unexpectedness of finding these 3 pines standing with their feet in the water, like beautiful children enjoying the shore.