with newfound freedom


Outside the Swim Lane

We dive in
to the cool blue water,
exhilarated —
we are on the team.

We swim,
lap after lap,
within the swim lanes,
marked with plastic rope.

As we are racing to win,
one day we glimpse something
on the other side of our rope.

We continue peaking,
over there,
past the lane barriers.

And, we see new possibility,
beyond the markers,
that keep us in line.

Our muscles strong
from endless swimming,
together we carry the rope away.

And now we explore,
with newfound freedom,
whatever little delights
and giant miracles await.

This poem came to me after a conversation with a dear colleague. Together we’ve cycled through incredibly delicious opportunities related coaching and mindfulness, and yesterday we sat in curiosity about what the next cycle might be…

I can’t decide how to title this poem I birthed today…what do you think? “With newfound freedom” or “Beyond the swim lane” or something even more delectable?


* I took this photo at Playa Los Locos, Suances, Cantabria, Spain.

4 Replies to “with newfound freedom”

  1. Hi Vicki, I love the line “our muscles strong” — it made me think of mindfulness muscles of focus, concentration, compassion, equanimity, calm, clear seeing, awareness, that we build as we meditate. Our muscles ARE strong and as they get stronger, we have more clear sight. TO SEE BEYOND the lanes and understand nothing keeps us in the lane but our own limitations. I love the poem. And the title. 🙂

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    1. Sunita, indeed our muscles are strong and each day we are making them stronger. Our intentions keep moving our gaze ‘out there’ where even more possibility lies. Here’s to freedom, my friend.

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