with grace and gratitude

italyfinland15 863.JPGWith grace and gratitude

This moment


all of life’s

little gifts.


to receive them

with grace

and gratitude.

This is the final of four poems that came to me in a flurry at the start of March. I have found gratitude to be so grounding, and to bring me the grace to move through life more at ease. (I spent several years diving deep into gratitude in This Abundantly Delicious Life.) It is dedicated to my dear Aunt Mary who is an inspiring role model of living life this way.

An author who opens my mind and inspires grace and gratitude is Naomi Remen – I love her books, Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings, both of which I have read multiple times. They include touching stories with important take-aways. Try reading one to start your day over a period of time and let me know how it changes you.

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* I took this photo on the Isle of Capri, Italy.


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